27 March 2016


We were blessed with a beautiful Easter Sunday and we celebrated with our typical family traditions: finding our Easter baskets, dying eggs and an egg hunt, a picture among the small white flowers that seem to always bloom the day of, family dinner and of course, attending church.
There is so much that we enjoy about Easter--we are always grateful for the end of winter and the promise of warmer weather and all of us enjoy what the Easter bunny brings, but Easter is much more than candy and fun. We're blessed to be reminded of our Savior and His atonement, which not only brings the promise of resurrection, but that frees us from sin, sorrow, guilt, pain and affliction and all other griefs, sicknesses and sadness that may afflict us. He is an advocate, redeemer, and perhaps most important, friend.

Hope your Easter Sunday was peaceful, joyful and celebrated with family and friends.

Happy Easter!

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