03 March 2016


Driving the winding cowpaths of Indiana's back roads.
Every mother needs to get away once in a while for a momcation. While most go to the spa, go on shopping sprees and if they're really lucky, go on cruises to exotic destinations with a bunch of mom-friends, I don't like being away too long and with our little homestead to run, I have to be a little more practical.

I went to pick up hay.
One last chore with our trusty truck before we sold it and got a commuter car for Jack.
The time alone in the car was spent listening what whatever music I wanted without complaint, enjoying the country scenery, thinking about my amazing children and wonderful husband, reminiscing about my awesome life, trying to listen to some election information, saying a few prayers--some that the round bales wouldn't fall off or that I wouldn't lose my toes and fingers to frostbite on the coldest day of the year with no heat in the truck and some that were a little more profound. By the time I got back, I was ready to be integrated back into the family.

Just the kind of momcation I needed.

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