01 March 2016

Once There Was A Snowman

It was only a few weeks ago that we were celebrating Valentine's Day with a massive chocolate party while it snowed furiously outside. Though our winter's been relatively mild, the snow we received was heavy and wet and perfect for building snowmen.
The girls bundled up and headed outside for some teamwork building exercise as together they rolled massive, leaf-covered snowballs that zigzagged across the yard. Henry and I hung out inside near the warm wood-burning stove.
Henry's happy with staying inside. For now.
Eventually, the girls started on their own and by the time they came in, snowmen were dotting the front yard.

But, the next day the sun came out and the snowmen started looking a little uncomfortable...
In the sun he melted...
Until next time, Frosty!
Small, small, small.

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