03 April 2016

Work and Fun

Smiling by the daffodils.
Today marks the end of spring break, and like so many from the years past, we were able to accomplish a lot with the help of visiting family (I'm not entirely sure why they keep coming back--we really work hard when they're here!).
The decent into madness...starting work on the kitchen!
Last year, it was the master bath and the mud room, the year before, we'd just bought the house, so it was major demolitions and cleaning in preparation for projects...one spring break, we even ripped out the tiny, steep, narrow pioneer stairs in our Iowa farmstead to put in new ones. Yes, we spent spring break building stairs in our tiny, 900 square foot house. Fun.
Feeding the koi--always a blast!
We've been doing a bit better about having a little more fun as we work, because, although I think work is fun, not everyone agrees with me. Plus, I assume that someday, our house will be finished and we won't have anything left to work on.
Snickers and Ruby sort of called a truce with each other by the end of the week.
Haha, right. Finished? Is there such a thing with home ownership?
Silly Holton!
So, here's a photo summary of some of the fun we had working together...
Cats, cats and more cats.
And MORE cats!
Chucking chunks of demolition rubble off the deck.
 Our annual meal at Steak 'n' Shake.
 Working on the kitchen. So. Many. Hours. Of. Work.
(But hey, it's almost done!)
Swinging never gets old.
The kids all have their "cousin twins."
Holton trying with all his might to pull up a cabinet. Just need a few more pounds there, buddy.
Smile, Lydia!
Everyone had their own personal riding lesson.
Ruby picking on Raven. Just kidding! They love playing together.
A day at the zoo!
Busting out the bouncy house before getting dressed. Best post-breakfast workout EVER!
Dying Easter eggs. Look at those works of art!
Grazing the horses.
Grazing while riding bareback.
Plenty of time spent outside.
Some semblance of sanity has returned to the kitchen.
And, of course, lots of naps.

Maybe one of these times we'll go on a cruise together or something. Or maybe we'll keep having fun at our house, hehehe.
Thanks for your help again, family!

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