11 May 2016

Bananas and Bee Stings

Can you see what she sees?
What do driveway puddles, frog hunting, bananas and bees have to do with each other?
Caught Kermit!
Bee stings.

One evening, after the rains left, leaving us with a leechy puddle in the driveway, Jack called the girls out to frog hunt. I brought everyone out and we captured the amphibian, but it was apparent that we were bothering the bees, who wanted the water for themselves. To top it off, Henry had just eaten a banana, which apparently smells like a bee's warning alarm. After headbutting us a few times, one bee decided she'd had enough and sunk her stinger in poor Kate's cheek.
A little baking soda paste and an ice pack, and she was good as new.
Kate unfortunately has been inducted into the bee sting club.

Sorry, poor girl!

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