01 May 2016

Birthdays Together

Enjoy your cake, Jack!
Jack just celebrated his thirty-first birthday, which means that we've celebrated more birthdays together than we have apart. We kicked off the weekend with our first seasonal campout, which is always memorable and after recovering from the trip (camping is hard work with little kids!), Jack and I got all dolled up, dropped the kids off and enjoyed a very rare date at a swanky restaurant with a gift card he won at last weekend's plane pull. The food was delicious, the people watching was fun, especially since it was prom AND ComiCon weekend and the company was terrific.
The seasonal mower tune up. Glad I don't have to do it.
Jack is our hard worker...
Henry loves his daddy!
...our cuddler...
Using the scissor's cap as a prop!
...and knows how to be silly...
I found some leprechauns!
...and how to get others to be lighthearted too (which probably is why I'm yanking gray hairs from my temples and Jack has nary a white hair on his thick brunette hair).
Make a wish!
It was a fun birthday weekend with our favorite boy-at-heart.
Deciding what pricey slab of meat he wanted.
Happy birthday, Jack!

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