25 June 2016

Belated Father's Day

Sharing a silly straw invention!
Though Father's Day was nearly a week ago and we didn't pay homage to Jack and fathers at large on the blog, we spent plenty of time spoiling Jack with presents, homemade crafts and special meals in person.
Showering daddy with homemade artwork.
Though I could go on and on about Jack's wonderful qualities, I think everyone knows how creative, intelligent, good-natured, hardworking, faithful, witty, humorous, patient, gentle and kind he is, and how hard he works to protect and provide for our growing family. Oh. And handsome.

Soooo handsome.
Teaching Henry to cook already.
Oops! I can't help myself. What can I say? Jack is awesome.
Even though an ox fell in the mire and an unexpected rainstorm threatened our bare roof (more on that later) and we spent a chunk of h Jack's special Sunday working to cover it with tarps, Jack is never one to complain. He has the uncanny ability to turn chores that are unpleasant into something memorable and enjoyable, or at the very least, tolerable.

Unless it's changing diapers.

He'd be a happy man if he never had to change another diaper, but hey, I can't be the one having all the fun.
You can't leave chocolate in plain sight of children and expect a restful nap.
Of all the qualities I adore about Jack, his fearlessness has to top the list. He has never shirked nor shrunk away from his role and duty as husband and father and in turn, he esteems and respects my part as wife and mother. He creates a safe, happy home and fulfilling life for his son and daughters with everything he does and he brings honor to his own father and all the other men who have shaped him into who he is, but most importantly, seeks to serve, love and appreciate his Heavenly Father. That, in a nutshell, is what we're celebrating on Father's Day.

Every day, we're grateful for fathers.
Happy (belated) Father's Day to all you wonderful men!

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