26 July 2016

Henry's First Haircut

This shaggy-headed boy is ready for a haircut! 
For as long as Jack and I have been married, I've been cutting his hair, mostly to save money because Jack's hair grows like a weed. So, when Henry's hair started coming in and he was almost unrecognizable under all the scruff, I decided I'd tackle his first haircut. I consulted a few YouTube videos and a friend whose boy has equally prolific hair, I got out my hair cutting supplies and figured it'd be a ten-minute job.

Half an hour later, Henry had a mullet.

That's right. I gave my kid a mullet. Accidentally, but still...

Another half hour of clipping and snipping and Henry wiggling all over the place, his haircut was finally acceptable.
Mowhawks = tears
And apparently, he doesn't like mowhawks.
Who is that handsome young man?
I smoothed it out in his usual conservative swoop and set him in front of the mirror to see if he approved of my job.

He does.

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