28 July 2016

Summer Was...

Evelyn and Claire go back to school tomorrow (I know...Indiana has a ridiculous school schedule...boo!) and summer was so short, so hectic, so fun, so amazing. Here's some of the stuff that kept us busy these past few months of bliss...
Can you spot the three adorable fluffballs?
 Baby chicks! Our mother hen, Licorice, is really getting the hang of hatching out adorable babies.
Thanks for the passes, Charlotte!
 Monster Mini Golf!
They didn't quite get the idea of being the I of Indy...
 Lunch dates with daddy.
Training the lion cub.
 Trips to the zoo.
Thanks, Sarah!
 Fancy hair!
 Spa visits.
 Challenging games of Jenga, Mancala, Connect Four, Memory, Uno, Sequence...
 New fashions.
 Lots of roasting marshmallows.
 Window artwork.
 Peach prepping.
Claire is seriously The Cat Whisperer.
Calamity Kate.
 Dress up.
 Snow cones.
Claire takes picking black raspberries to a whole new level.
Perfecting her trick riding skills.
 Carriage rides in pumpkins...
...and regular, ol' wagon rides.
 Storm watching.
These tree frogs are deafening in the summer. Such a loud noise for such a tiny creature!
 Tree frogs. Soooo cute!
 Chickens happily roaming.
 Lots of nail painting (gotta keep your toes looking fabulous).
 Petting zoos.
 A strawberry festival!
Helping spread out the woodchips.
 Good old hard work.
 Tower building and messy rooms. So messy, in fact, that they could do an I Spy photo shoot here.
 Bubble blowing.
Jack running for home!
Thanks for the straws, Kristin and John. :)
Tons of silly straws.

And all that fun, to say nothing of home improvements, naps, gondola ridesswim lessons, backyard water parks, or camping!

In a word, summer was fantastic.

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