04 August 2016

Featured Art Frame

In anticipation of the gobs of beautiful artwork the girls will be bringing home from school, we made a Featured Art Frame during the summer to save the poor fridge from being overrun with papers. Made of mostly recycled materials, it only cost us a few dollars. The great thing about it too is that you don't have to completely remove anything from the frame to attach it--use corkboard or a magnetic board and you can switch out art whenever you need. Want to make one of your own? Here's how:

You'll Need:

Old frame of the desired size
Corkboard large enough to replace glass of frame
Spray paint, paint, glue, jewels, etc

1. Disassemble selected frame, removing the glass and backing (save the glass!)
2. Spray paint the frame. The more obnoxious and ridiculous the color, the better
3. Trace the glass on the corkboard and cut it out
4. Secure cork in the frame
5. Decorate frame as desired. Remember, the gaudier, the better!
6. Hang and feature your darlings' incredible art!

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