25 August 2016

Homework Could Wait

Waiting for the girls to get off the bus.
Afternoons are some of my favorite times of the day. Everyone's had their naps, the girls and Jack are almost home and I don't have to start dinner just yet. The problem is deciding what to do with that time. Usually, I clean or mow or work on some home improvement project while waiting for the girls to get off the bus, but after having watched a good chunk of the equestrian sports during the Olympics and taking a ride on the beach last week (and Stoney finally being sound), I decided that we were going out to ride.
I rode for half an hour, then the girls each took their turn. They ran up the driveway, dropped their bags inside and grabbed their helmets. One of the best things about farm life--the horses are only a few feet away!
Homework could wait.
Once Stoney had given everyone a quick lesson, he got a bath...
 Then, he was off--his work was done!
See ya!
Now, we can tackle schoolwork since we've had some fun.

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