05 September 2016

An Orchard

I don't know why the first thing I do when we move to a new house isn't to plant fruit trees. Initially, they're pretty pricey, especially if we have to buy multiple types to cross pollinate, but they've always been a good investment. You know, because if you do it right, you actually get fruit from the tree.
So, since the nursery nearby was having a sale on its trees, Jack and I decided it was time to invest. He'd already been gifted a few peach trees, one of which even tried to grow a little peach this year, so we bought a cherry, a new apple (since ours are looking pretty elderly) and a couple of pears.
Scooping up the fertile soil where the round bales were last winter.
We decided to line the driveway with them so we aren't planting over the septic tank or putting them in the pasture where they'll inevitably be used as a scratching post or eaten.
Dancer approves of the girls' manure scooping skills.
With Jack's help, I'm sure they'll flourish. Though Jack's made it quite clear I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm okay with having him tend the plants. Animals are easier to take care of, anyway.
Jack's School of Fruit Tree Planting.
So happy to have an orchard again! Wish we would've done it earlier. Lesson learned!

Another goal crossed off the 2016 list--here's hoping for fruit within the next few years!

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