07 September 2016

Monkey Vine

Me Tarzan. You Jane.
Back in the horse pasture, a rather unlucky tree is being overtaken by a very persistent vine.
Since moving to Indiana, I've noticed that where there are more trees, there are always more vines. I guess it makes sense that a plant that climbs other things capitalizes on the fact that there are other tall things around it to creep up. And, as long as it's not poison ivy, I'm okay with letting nature take it's funky course on this one.
The vine-y spot itself is kind of neat. It's shady and feels secluded--the horses often hide out under it to get some relief from the hot sun and insects.
The swinging vine.
Plus, the girls love to play on the thick vines. They climb and swing and hang on them like regular little Tarzans.
Just one of those kind of cool things that Mother Nature has created and that we're more than happy to enjoy.
And, of course, Henry, the monkey in training, loves it, too.
Right before he tried to shimmy up the vine!

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