04 October 2016

DIY Wildflower Witch Broom

Nova approves!
After making our popular DIY Sparkly Witch Broom, we decided to make something a little different-yet-still-classy this year. Since we have more than enough weeds and wildflowers growing in a little meadow we keep up front, I decided they'd be featured in this year's DIY Wildflower Witch Broom.
Just glad we avoided the ragweed that seemed to be attracting all the local wasps. Shudder.
There were about eight hanging on to the blossoms. Yikes!
So, here's what you need to make a super simple, cute witch broom for this Halloween season:

Twine, jute or other rope
Branch or stick, about five to six feet long
Dried wildflowers--we used Queen Anne's Lace, Wild Daisies, Ragweed, etc

1) Cut the desired amount/length of wildflowers
2) At the end of the stick, tightly tie the rope around the top of the wildflowers. Tie a knot or secure with hot glue.
3) Display proudly!

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