02 November 2016

Beautiful October

Henry loves Halloween already!
To say the month of October was over in a flash would be an understatement. The entire thirty-one days were jam packed with visitors, trips, Halloween fun, beautiful weather, and wonderful memories. Here's a recap of what we did:
So many stripes...
Halloween costume prep!
Dabbling in acrylics.
Overjoyed that Daddy's home from another work trip.
A family and friends Halloween party, complete with a bonfire, homemade rootbeer, and ghost stories.
Making new friends with a baby praying mantis.
The first round of visitors--Jack's parents and some cousins!
Another book signing. :)
Working on the siding.
At-home campfire dinner.
Extra hammock time due to all the nice weather.
Amassing hay for the winter (round bales--Jack and Claire's favorite).
Second round of visiting cousins!
Horse rides.
Adventuring by Indiana's largest waterfalls.
Guarding some dinosaur eggs.
Chilling under several tons of glass at The Children's Museum.
Crashing hard after a long day...
Enjoying some funky ice cream.
Saying goodbye to Nebraska family.
Hotel swimming pools.
A friend's Illinois wedding.
Sending off the bride and groom with sparklers.
Stockpiling wood.
Horse naps.
Family photos.
Successful book sales.
Our favorite haunted house.
School Halloween parties.
Community Halloween events.
The White Tiger.
 The big day...
The Dragon
 ...we waited all month...
The White Wolf
We had beautiful Trick or Treating weather...and Henry caught on VERY quickly on how Halloween works.
It was a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, perfect October.

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