08 November 2016

Fall Family Photos

A few weekends ago, we met with our friend, Amy, to take some family pictures. Though I'm not particularly fond of taking photos of myself, taking family portraits is quickly becoming one of my favorite yearly goals.
We met at one of the oldest parks in Indianapolis on a very crisp--and when I say crisp, I mean freezing--fall morning. There were lots of cool structures, trees, and trails and there will literally dozens of other families doing the same thing as we were.
So, here are some of our favorites--it's hard to pose with so many little ones but there was a lot of laughing and several promises of suckers and playing at the park when we were done.
 I think this one will get printed off and put on the wall...
 ...though this one is cute, too. Everyone kept tumbling off and they couldn't stop laughing.
I loved this old tree!
Nearly ten years married and we still love each other. ;)
A family forest photo.
 Giggly Claire.
 Smiley Evelyn.
 Happy Henry.
Content Kate.
Had to break out the suckers early, but hey, anything to keep Henry smiling.
I think this will be my new author photo...

Thanks Amy for helping us cross off another 2016 goal! If anyone in the Indy area is looking for a great family photographer, check out Amy's website and Facebook page!

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