20 November 2016

Hog Roast

Friday, we were working outside all day, washing the dog and finishing up winterizing the house, farm, and animals. Then, by Saturday morning, we were bundled up and lighting the wood burning stove for one of the first times of the season to stave off the cold. What better day to have a hog roast??
Jack cooking us eggs and bacon for breakfast on the smoker's griddle.
Jack had been planning a hog roast get-together with friends from church and work for a while and though it was too cold to be outside much, especially with little ones, we improvised.
A good portion of the day was spent tidying up the house...
...the animals were fed (and thankfully, enjoying the new footing in their shed, though I should probably talk to Stoney about sharing)...
...and the rest of the time, we babysat the smoker and ran errands for Jack.

Then, we partied. And I didn't get a chance to snap any pictures. Some were squirmish about eating pork that, well, looked like a hog but most agreed it was delicious. Another fun evening in the books!

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