03 December 2016

A Kitchen Table

My newest pride and joy.
Ever since finishing our kitchen renovation this past summer, I've been longingly looking at the space where someday, we'd have a nice long table that would comfortably fit us, our guests, and then some. Up until Thanksgiving, we had a dinky round table with two wobbly chairs.
I managed to convince some family to visit for Thanksgiving and I bought the wood and helped make the Thanksgiving meal that kept us fed through the weekend. While they were measuring how big to make it, I was a bit skeptical that an eight-foot table would comfortably fit but once it was in, I was a believer.
After some consulting with my mom and sister, I decided to polyurethane the top and paint the bottom so that it'd look similar to the island. Thank goodness the table was big enough that I could put the benches on top to paint them. It was just a few hours worth of work and it looks great.
And perfect timing, too! Claire had a party and we squished all the kids there for crafts, pizza, and cupcakes. Plenty of room!
Thanks for the awesome new kitchen table, guys!

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