22 December 2016

DIY Kid's Christmas Star Ornament

Here's a fun craft you can make with your kids to help decorate your Christmas tree or hand out to friends. They take less than five minutes to assemble and though simple, are adorable.
You'll Need:

Foam Craft Sheets
Pipe Cleaner
Fleece Scraps
Straw (or other dried grass)
Hot Glue
1. Trace the desired size star onto the foam craft sheet. Cut out.
2. Glue pipe cleaner on the back of the star.
3. Glue straw onto the front of the star.
4. Trace coin onto the foam craft sheet. Cut out.
5. Draw face and glue head right above the straw.
6. Cut out fleece for the blanket. Glue it next to the head.
7. Hang!
Thanks to Freebie Finding Mom for the inspiration!

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