06 December 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy birthday to me.
As most adults know, the magic of birthdays kind of fizzles the older you get. I guess it's that more candles to blow out on top of the cake isn't as fun as it used to be (how'd I get to be thirty-three?!). One redeeming thing about birthdays is that the kids and Jack make it exciting with all the pampering, surprises, and special treats.
The day started out a lot the same way. I got the fire stoked, fed the animals, packed lunches, did my chores, sent kids off to school, ran errands, took a nap, worked on some home improvements...
Yay! A  new floor vent!
 ...painted nails...
 ...baked Christmas gifts for the girls' teachers...
...and was happy that everyone made it home safe and sound. After dinner, we had cake and ice cream and I opened presents, which were quickly assembled...
...and tested. Henry approves.
Jack always outdoes himself when it comes to presents, too. He picked up on my not-so-subtle complaints about not being able to find decent, comfortable maternity clothes and found a few stylish outfits for me. But, that was only part of his surprise. Wrapped inside my suitcase, along with a few beach towels, while blaring The Beach Boys' "Bermuda, Bahama, C'mon Pretty Mama..." in the background, I found the travel info for a cruise to the Bahamas for our upcoming tenth anniversary. Talk about a Happy Birthday to me!
We're going on a cruise!
Jack apologized for combining a birthday, Christmas, and anniversary present but I gladly reminded him, no apology needed. This is an acceptable instance of gift combining.

(And to think I got him work shoes for his last birthday...)

Thirty-three is off to a great start!

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