27 December 2016

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men

Merry Christmas!
The Christmas weekend was a whirlwind of festivities that always passes a little too quickly. While there are always glitches in the celebration--tears, fights, illness (mercifully we had our turn with the stomach bug before our Nebraska pilgrimage), meltdowns, hurt feelings, and on and on--for the most part, we really were able to enjoy ourselves.
 There was cookie decorating...
 ...and treat making.
 A few friendly duels of vintage video games.
Plenty of music, including Jack and me singing O Little Town of Bethlehem with some of his family at a Christmas Eve program.
Santa sightings.
Wrapping paper roll fights.
A bit of overeating.
Opening presents (which was easily Henry's favorite because he got to DESTROY).
Enjoying the aftermath.
And, crashing hard when all was said and done.
Poor Lydia had her turn with the stomach flu on Christmas day.
Jack and I were talking about Christmas and this whole year in general, which seem to have been perceived as a tumultuous one, and how healing the holiday season is for everyone. People are a little more patient, cheerful, and generous. In short, there's more peace on earth and goodwill to men, which I fully attribute to the babe of Bethlehem whose birth we're celebrating. Like Ebeneezer Scrooge, I hope to keep that spirit throughout the year.

Merry Christmas from The Rehomesteaders!
We hope it was a wonderful weekend for you and your loved ones!

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