25 January 2017

When Jack's Not Here

Bye, Jack! See you soon!
Jack had a quick work trip and my mom asked what we do when Jack's not here. Well, let me tell you, it's never fun when he's gone but I do my best to make it seem like we're all having fun.
We have donuts for breakfast. Why? Because Jack hates donuts so I don't feel bad about giving them to the kids since he's not here to object.
We get in a little extra reading time together. One of my fondest childhood memories!
I should probably teach Claire to be a bit more discreet with her cards...
Card games galore!
We have a spa and hair evening.

The girls are now booking appointments, if anyone's interested.
I let Henry raid the pantry so he can line them up on the table. I dunno. It makes him happy, so he gets to do it if daddy's gone.
And, if all else fails, we burn something. The girls literally asked if they could roast marshmallows on the grass. Uh, no. Go have another donut instead.
The most fun though is when Jack returns. He's better than donuts and card games and bonfires any day.

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