15 February 2017

Meaning of the Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
It's the day after Valentine's Day, I know, but I have a good reason, I promise.
Keeping with tradition, Jack surprised everyone on Valentine's Day morning with their very own potted plant, in honor of the girls' middle names.
Looks like Kate, doesn't it?
After dropping off the girls at school, we went in for the last ultrasound to check out the next baby girl and were thrilled that everything is right on track--head down, good heartbeat, not too big, not too small but just right.

Then, I promptly went home and spent the rest of the day being sick to my stomach and feeling miserable.

Thankfully, Kate took good care of Henry, Henry took a nice, long nap, the girls took care of themselves and the animals once the bus dropped them off, and Jack came to the rescue, bringing home dinner and getting everyone fed. Then, he whipped out a more modest chocolate party than last year that I passed on but the girls heartily partook. I barely made it to nine before zonking out.
He is a hugger but beware, he's also a biter!
It's amazing what a solid eight or nine hours of sleep will do. I woke up, feeling like a million bucks and getting caught up on everything from grocery shopping to cleaning to laundry and enjoyed my share of the chocolate. Though Valentine's Day wasn't exactly ideal, if people taking care of you when you're at your lowest, neediest self isn't love, then I don't know what is. So, my holiday, though crummy, really was the epitomic meaning of the day.

Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day!

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