09 March 2017


All the boys are loving the new tractor.
We've been in the market for a tractor for a loooong time. Seriously, we've been thinking of investing in one for years but the right tractor for the right price has never come up. Until recently. A friend from work offered his old but reliable tractor with several useful attachments for a great price. So, we used some of our tax return and became bonafide farmers, tractor and all.
Jack (and Henry, for that matter) have already bush hogged a neighbor's pasture, moved some round bales, hauled dirt, cleaned up chopped wood, and moved a shed.
Now, the next order of business is to put up a temporary tent to park the tractor out of the weather until something more permanent can be built. With a tractor, it'll be a breeze, right?
Lots going on in the back at the moment.

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