13 April 2017

An Angry Girl

The bees survived the winter--HOORAY! We've been seeing them buzzing about, sucking nectar from everything from the peach tree to dandelions to strawberry blossoms. While we're thrilled with the surviving hives, I couldn't help but notice Henry taking a very keen interest in the hives and has been wandering a tad too close for comfort.
So, one night, under cover of darkness, Jack suited up and drug the one hive that was near the playground and put it next to the other hive that is situated in the corner of the yard, where they could work while we could keep safe.

Except for Jack.
The girls giggled and said he looked like someone else. Agreed.
I'm pretty sure the bees remember that Jack was the one that muscled them into their new spot and have been upset with him ever since. When he went outside (after making the mistake of eating a banana) to make sure they were doing alright, they greeted him with a stinger right under his eye. A trip to the ER and a steroid shot in the hiney, he's back to looking like himself again.

An angry girl can sure cause a lot of harm. Better Jack thank Henry though. Let's hope they've forgiven Jack and that's the last of the angry girls.

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