10 April 2017

Another RJ

Nova is no longer a little kitten, though she sometimes torments Hercules with her youngster ways (and then pays the price for it when he fats on her). But, for the most part, she's quite the grown up feline, to the extent that she's moved on from hunting grasshoppers to dragging home real prey. Interestingly, since all of our cats were orphaned or abandoned as small kittens, they've all had to learn to hunt on their own and have each specialty. Hercules likes the big game, like rabbits and squirrels, Snickers can swat a bird out of the air and like our beloved cat RJ, Nova has become the resident mole and mouse hunter.
Hercules is KING of lazy.
While the older cats are lazing around, grooming themselves or sunbathing, Nova is hard at work.
It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to grab a mole...you have to find their hole, sit by it and wait for them to move, then dig like crazy when they do. She's really getting the hand of hunting underground vermin.
It's kind of nice having another RJ around.

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