30 May 2017

Vixen Cry

So cute, so cunning...
Like her siblings, Zoey has been a pretty great sleeper. I can't complain about only being woken up only once a night, usually in the early morning hours. It gives me a bit of alone time with my new baby and a chance to catch up on whatever book I'm currently reading. One night, though, as I tucked Zoey back in and got ready to climb back into bed, I heard an eerie but familiar sound outside:

Know what that is? It's a fox and its not well-known vixen cry (what does the fox say?). We first figured out what the mysterious, creepy sound was when our first Indiana flock of chickens was decimated in one night by some greedy fox, followed by a few nights of the fox vixen crying nearby. We've occasionally seen a red fox in the neighborhood but it wasn't until last week that I'd heard it crying at night and so close to the chicken coop. Thankfully, having Raven around and having built a veritable chicken fortress has detered the fox from eating anyone else.


But just to be safe, better go count the chickens and cats...

And, in case you're wondering what a musical fox sounds like, here you go:

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