25 June 2017

Blue Moon Wisteria

Out in the horse's paddock is a vine that we've come to refer to as the monkey vine. It's thick and lush and slowly scaling up a choke cherry tree. For four years, we've lived on our beautiful homestead and never once did I notice the vine flowering...until this year.
Apparently, the monstrous vine is a blue moon wisteria and it produced thousands and thousands of interesting, fragrant flowers that stuck around for weeks. When Jack stumbled upon it as he was out walking the property, he called us all out for us to come and see.
Of course, the first thing Claire asked was if she could pick some and make a bouquet. Seeing as the plant wasn't in any want for flowers, we gave her permission and she picked a few, which she eventually turned into an interested albeit droopy flower arrangement.
The rest of us enjoyed the sights and wonderful smell that wafted through the air with every breeze.
Such a cool looking flower!
Not a day goes by that we don't discover something new at our place. Have to say, Mother Nature is pretty impressive and knows how to flaunt it.
Henry taking a whiff.
The flowers have gone now and all that's left are leaves, that provide a shady spot for the horses to retreat to when the sun gets too hot.
I've read that if we're lucky, the wisteria can bloom twice a year if the weather and soil conditions are good (and Jack thinks the horses aren't useful...they're  enriching the soil with every manure pile!). Here's hoping we get another round of blossoms and the beauty that comes with it!

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