24 June 2017


It's time to confess that the rumors are true: our house is up for sale.

There isn't one specific reason that the time has come but a lot of things have culminated, making the decision feel right. One of the biggest motivations is to find something with a bit more land. If I had my way, I'd have a couple hundred acres out in the middle of nowhere and live right in the center of it, surrounded by my family, a modest house, and lots of animals (maybe a couple thousand, if I really think about it). But, Jack's job requires he be at the office and Indy isn't exactly a small city (can't someone invent transporters already?!) so we're looking for something in the area.
We loooove the wood floor we put in the great room!
The work is mostly done (that was A LOT of goals we crossed off the list in about two weeks) and Jack and I joke that, if nothing else, the house is in really great shape and if we ended up staying, we'd get to enjoy our finished product. Either way, we're in for a win-win situation.
Our kitchen is so pretty now!
So, if you know of anyone looking for a solid, unique, totally redone house on five beautiful acres with awesome neighbors and a great commute to Indy, feel free to send them our way! 
We have new bunk beds AND carpet!
Our master bath is like a spa retreat. I'll miss it!
The Rehomesteaders' adventures will continue one way or another!

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