02 August 2017

There Are Marshmallows

It's amazing how fast our living room went from this...
 ...to this.
Now that all the rocky negotiations are over with, we've been given the green light to pack. First, we have been raiding our local Menards on an almost daily basis, picking out the best boxes for packing and hauling them home. They give them to us for free, which may have something to do with how much money we've spent there over the past decade. That or because we're willing to dig through the recycling bin to find them.
For the most part, the girls have been pretty good sports. It's like a puzzle getting everything to fit into the boxes and they have been ooo-ing and aww-ing when they find something they haven't seen in a while. I predict the same amusement while unpacking.
They take turns taping and writing on the boxes and taping them shut, then pushing to them to the steps so I can stack them downstairs.
 Everyone also takes turns helping with Zoey, too. There's been a lot of multitasking going on.
It's not been all sweat and work, though. We've been cleaning up the property and part of that means burning brush. And when there's a fire...
...there are marshmallows.

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