10 September 2017


Everyone else wanted to clean stalls. Who am I to say no?
Yesterday was a day like most of our Saturdays. We slept in a little (and by a little, I mean about ten minutes) and after breakfast, we went to the barn to tidy up. The girls and Jack cleaned some stalls and loaded them with shavings, while Henry swept the aisles clean.
Everyone took turns babysitting (because babies like being in the middle of the action, too!).
Evelyn is going to replace me as mother soon...
We put pallets into the loft (because that's where pallets go on the farm!)...
Thank goodness for pulleys!
 ...then we put hay and alfalfa in the loft.
Thank goodness for hay elevators!
 ...then Henry cleaned up the loose hay because waste not, want not.
My little farmhand.
 Then we all climbed into the loft and swept it clean.

Oh, who am I kidding? We played in the hayloft.

And then we got a cow and her calf delivered.

(So much for waiting for spring to get a milk cow!)

More on Dolly and her little boy soon!

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