12 September 2017

Hurts So Good

You'd better believe they make triple jogging strollers!
One of the activities I've lamented foregoing the past few months is running. I continue to have a love/hate relationship with jogging but I really love the feeling of being in good shape. The problem is, I have to get into shape before I can truly appreciate the feeling.
Raven loooooves running and she helps pull!
Once we got settled into the house, I figured I get back into the running routine. Believe me, I tried. I tried waking up early, but was met with rain or sleep deprivation because someone had a nightmare. I tried running after dinner but running on a full stomach isn't appealing and I can't seem to get my chores done fast enough before the sun starts setting. Believe me, I tried.
Zoey decided jogging isn't so bad!
Solution? A triple jogging stroller! I ran with our Frankenstein double jogging stroller up until Henry was born, took the single out with different kids after he was born, but with Kate missing the kindergarten cut off by a couple of months, I sprung for a triple, in-line stroller. It took a little adjusting but we were off, huffing and puffing on the streets around our house.

Here's to falling back in love with running--ugh, it hurts so good!

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