06 September 2017

Second First Day

Nothing like smiling straight into the sun!
At the beginning of August, the girls had their first day of school, take one, but since we moved, they got to have a second first day. There were a lot of nerves and anticipation about being the new kid at school, so we'd gone before we moved to take a tour. To say the school was tiny is an understatement. Hoping to make the best choice for our girls, we concerns were put to rest after we spoke to a few of the staff, teachers, and the principal.
Our school's in the middle of nowhere...this is part of the pretty drive we take every morning!
As luck would have it, their first day at their new school also happened to coincide with the solar eclipse. They got to go outside to watch the near-total-moon-passing-in-front-of-the-sun event, complete with a picnic lunch and extra recess.
Who knew sitting at the school office could be so amusing?
Though Kate is still one envious little sister (will it ever be her turn to go to school, she wonders?), we didn't miss out on the magic of the eclipse either. Though the morning was spent unpacking boxes and getting groceries, we still watched the unfolding event, thanks to Jack's welding mask.
Notice her shirt: Believe In The Magic. Appropriate for an eclipse, no?
The end of the day--and every school day since--the girls have come off the bus elated and ready to talk my ear off about what they did. That's how coming home should be!
Here's to another fantastic start to the school year!

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