19 October 2017

Sous Chef

Now that Evelyn's eight, she's aged into a girl's group at church where she has a few activities a month to learn new skills, do crafts, offer service, and have fun with each other. As part of the group, she's also begun the Faith in God program, where she can personalize her goal setting while still meeting requirements to accomplish the entire booklet. After flipping through, she decided one of the first goals she wanted to check off was to make dinner all by herself.
She decided on making chunky cheese soup, sweet cornbread, fresh pineapple, and Halloween sugar cookies as an after-dinner treat. At the start, she was eagerly following directions, fetching ingredients, washing and chopping veggies, greasing muffin cups...but as dinner preparations wore on, well, she was less enchanted with being a big girl and cooking all by herself.
Making dinner can be soooo BORING.
She did push through the sheer boredom as she waited for the food to cook. Honestly, I think that's one of the lessons that's important to learn while cooking--not every venture into the kitchen is going to be entertaining but it's still necessary if you want to eat.
Once dinner was done, we rolled out the cookie dough--no complaints about that! Evelyn graciously allowed her siblings cut out cookies, too and once we'd eaten her delicious meal, we spent the evening decorating the cookies.
My little sous chef is on the way to becoming a master!

(Then I'll never have to cook again, right...?)

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