01 November 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. It's the autumn colors, the crisp weather, pumpkins, face painting, candy, apple cider, costumes. All of it. We love it ALL.
Though Halloween is only one day, we drag out the celebrations as long as we can. We had a Halloween-themed dinner, complete with deviled eyeballs, hot dog mummies, chopped finger fruit dip, and boneyard brownies, which we ate by candlelight and bubbling, foamy witch cauldron.
We found some amazing pumpkins at the farm where I did a pumpkin run a few years earlier and carved them up on a Sunday evening. Then, once Halloween finally arrived, we ended up with an adorable Pikachu...
 ...a wickedly pretty witch...
 ...a beautiful black cat...
 ...a rather handsome dragon...
 ...and a cute little monkey.
We returned to our usual trick-or-treating destination, saw a few friends, and loaded up on candy. While it was awfully chilly, it's amazing how fast and how far kids will walk with the promise of free candy.
By the end of the night, we were chilled to the bone and were up too late and ate a bit too much chocolate (I'm looking at you, Henry) but rare nights of sheer joy and special circumstance are what make Halloween so memorable.
Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween night!
A kitty, scary-faced pumpkin, a witch and cat on a tree, another scary face and of course, Pikachu.

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