20 December 2017

Autumn Jog

Autumn is my favorite time of year to go for a jog. The weather is finally cool enough that I don't feel like I'm going to die of heat stroke five minutes in and the scenery along the back country roads is absolutely spectacular.
Going running with some of the girls.
In our new house, there are several routes I can take and none are disappointing. There are trees and meadows...
...serene lakes...
...freshly harvested fields...
...beautiful sunrises...
...foxes, deer, and turkey...
...even a waterfall!
Jack is so jealous that this isn't in our backyard.
The best view though is when I come up and around the curvy road and see home in sight.
Hi, Stoney and Dancer!
For the next few months, this will be the view as I run on my new treadmill since cold weather keeps me from running outside with the kids. Whatever way I get a run in is fine by me!
Happy last autumn jog before the start of winter!
Trying to chase down Claire.

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