26 December 2017

Equine Photography

Smile Stoney!
Way back when we had our family pictures taken, I made arrangements to have a few shots taken of the horses. It'd been years since Stoney had any professional lens pointed at him when we were heavily showing and Dancer had yet to have anyone capture her understated beauty (not everyone appreciates a seal brown horse).
I love the natural highlights Dancer gets in her hair every summer.
We brought the horses in that afternoon and gave them a quick grooming, giving them a good brushing, untangling their tails, wiping out noses and trimming whiskers.
Charley at Imzadi Studios did a great job with not only our kids but the horses, too. It's especially difficult to get a photo of a horse with BOTH their ears facing forward since they're constantly twitching their ears around.
Like this.
Or this.

Always on the lookout for wolves and lions and tigers attacking from behind.
 But, that's the beauty of digital cameras. Take a thousand photos and at least a couple will look nice.
Part of my reasoning for wanting the horses photographed is that it's undeniable that Stoney's getting older and someday, I won't be able to walk outside and snap pictures of him whenever I want.
And, as a thank you to my family--my mom in particular--for making it possible for me to have horses in the first place, I gifted a few of the photos for her to hang in her house for Christmas. It's the best I can do if she can't have Stoney and Dancer living in her backyard.
Always searching for a treat.
Merry Christmas to me, my mom, and everyone else who appreciates good equine photography!

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