14 December 2017


Claire is now seven! It's been a whirlwind trip with her--a little over seven years ago, I was two weeks overdue and Jack, Evelyn, and I were waiting out a horrible blizzard in Iowa that knocked out power, prevented emergency crews from going out on the roads, and freezing our water pipes. I was sure I'd be giving birth to Claire by candlelight in our bathtub but thankfully, she was kind and waited until I could make it to the hospital to be induced. Since then, she's always laughing, screaming, running, wiggling, climbing, jumping, purring...yes, purring.

She's going through a phase where she rolls her R's like a Spanish pro. For example: That's grrrrrreat. I love my new rrrrrrring. Everything is purrrrrrrrrrfect.

Oh, and cat puns. Always the perpetual cat lover.

 So, here's how Claire's special day went:
6:20am: Wake up before anyone's alarm has gone off. Be fabulous.
7:05am: Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Lose front tooth on ill-fated bite of cereal.
11:40am: Eat lunch with siblings. Listen to the entire first-grade class sing Happy Birthday to her. Feel slightly embarrassed at the attention.
3:57pm: Get off bus. Unwrap presents from Kate. Compliment sister on job well done.
 4:05pm: Make cookies for teacher appreciation holiday tins. Help make some of birthday dinner before heading off to watch a show.
5:56pm: Sit down for grandiose birthday dinner. Fill up on crab legs. Declare she's too full for anything else. 
6:22pm: Barely restrain herself from hitting sister when sister said something mean about cats.

(***See above note about Claire being a serious cat lover***)
6:28pm: Listen to another round of Happy Birthday.
6:29pm: Attempt to blow out candles. Several unsuccessful attempts due to missing tooth.

6:35pm: Open presents. Squeal with delight.
Her very own Hatchimal!
 7:17pm: Go caroling with friends from church. Listen to her fifth round of Happy Birthday.
 8:09pm: Crash.Tuck tooth under pillow and wait for Tooth Fairy.
To say Claire had a fantastic birthday is a gross understatement but really, to say Claire didn't have a fantastic day is highly unusual. Since her birth, she's been a constant source of sunshine, never-ceasing wonder, pure joy, unfailing humor, vivaciousness, and moxie. We love her and count her our pride and joy and a unique blessing--a girl that is an invaluable member of our family.
Happy Birthday, Dearest Claire!

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