06 January 2018

Work Hard, Play Hard

Getting the chores done.
Though we'd love to stay snuggled up inside all winter (human hibernation, anyone??), alas, farm life doesn't stop with the bad weather. That means animals still need to be fed and watered, stalls need to be cleaned, hay needs to be moved.
Henry is more than happy to help if tools are involved. 
Usually, we wrap everyone up but since we needed to do some catching up on our chores and it was still well below zero today, we waited for Henry and Zoey to take their afternoon nap before heading outside with the girls.
First of all, thank goodness for our well-used, well-appreciated tractor. Remember how we used to have to push the hay bales into the horses' pasture? I am soooo glad we don't have to do that anymore.
Filling up on gas.
Once the cows had a fresh bale of hay, we cleaned out their stall which, after a week of frigid temperatures, was easier said than done. Literally, I took a pickax to some of the frozen cow pies just to get them unstuck.
A few bucketloads of clean shavings and topping off their water and voila, the cattle were content again.
The chickens are displeased as anyone about the weather but Cotton almost seems to be enjoying herself. Since she can't go safely back to the flock (believe us, we tried...stupid rooster), she's made herself at home on the deck. It makes it easier to get her fed and watered but she has been leaving frozen chicken turds all over, especially in her favorite spot...in front of the door.

It's a really good thing for her that I love animals.
After we finished our chores, Jack asked if anyone wanted to play hockey. Frozen to the bone, I opted to go inside to warm up while Claire chose to engage Jack in a duel.
Twenty minutes later, they were still at it.

While I was inside, snuggling with Zoey after her nap and watching from the warmth of the family room. I think I prefer being a spectator.
Uh oh. The cold might have gotten to Claire.
So, we all thawed out with some hot chocolate.
 And a Harry Potter movie and a shared blanket.
Henry keeping his runny nose from escaping.
 The summary of the weekend? Work hard, play hard.
Claire coming back from a solo sledding excursion.

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