06 February 2018

Creative Release

As with horses, I've come to the resignation that as a mother of small children, if I want to get anything done, I'm going to have to bring the kids along for the ride. It's no different when I'm cooking, painting the house, nailing up trim, putting on makeup, eating ice cream...they're always with me.
Got started on a portrait of Dolly at a church youth activity a few weeks ago that spurred my desire to paint more often.
When I got the urge to do some watercolors, I pulled out the brushes, paints, and five pieces of paper.
I always enjoy having a creative release, a time to develop some of my humble gifts, but mostly, I enjoy seeing what the kids produce.
Henry loves color. The more chaotic and sloppy, the better. I believe here he said he was going for a garden.
Kate is much more technical in her skill. It was all roses, sunrises, the setting moon, a cherry tree, and a cat.
Claire went a bit abstract but copied some of the reflection techniques she'd seen in a Bob Ross video (yes, there are happy little trees all are alive and well here!). Evelyn likes to study the work of others and painted a pretty little bluebird on a berry bush.
Me? I messed around with a few cartoon horses. You can never go wrong with horses, as far as I'm concerned.

Looking forward to more family watercolors soon!

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