17 February 2018

Reasons to Run

Awww! Look! Canadian geese! Sorry but you're not welcome here.
While I have a very decided love/hate relationship with running (currently, I'm leaning more toward the tolerate it side),  Jack, however, does not see the point of it. As a wrestler, running was a warm up and nothing more and though I do occasionally catch him on the treadmill, it's only for a few minutes at a time. To Jack, there are a few reasons to run, though.
A lonely mallard drake, hanging out in the last of the unfrozen water.
One of Jack's pride and joys (other than his children) is the pond out back. He's stocked it with fish, pulled out algae, dyed it to keep the algae from proliferating, sunk an aerator in it, and weeded around it. His overall vision for it is that there will be fish to eat and enjoy watching as well as a fun family swimming hole in the hotter months.
So, it's no surprise that Jack and waterfowl don't see eye to eye. The blue herons steal fish from the water's edge and the geese and ducks use the water as a giant toilet, which can pass on germs to us and the fish.
I've rarely seen Jack run as fast as when he sees someone trying to take up residence on the water. You'd think he was a racing greyhound after the rabbit. I half expected him to start barking.
And they're off!
Jack's so proud of himself.
Don't feel too bad for the birds. They have their choice of about five hundred other ponds and lakes in the area that would welcome them in their water. We'll wave as they fly by, though.

Bon voyage, birds!

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