07 March 2018

Cat Door #2

Herc is an old pro when it comes to cat doors.
At our first house in Iowa, we put in a cat door so the kitties could come in out of the cold when they needed (or drag in dead rabbits, but that's another story) without us having to open and close the door. Now, they make their home in the garage, sleeping on the warm boiler system and eating at their leisure. The problem is, while we were leaving the garage door cracked, an extreme cold snap resulted in us coming home from our Christmas travels to a burst water pipe. Fun. So, in the middle of winter, putting in a cat door got bumped to the top of the list.
I unhinged an exterior door in the garage and drug it inside so we could work where it was warm. Wherever there are tools, there is Henry.
Zoey would looooove to try and squeeze through the cat door.
Having installed a few things on my own, the hardest part of the project was finding all the tools, which are usually scattered to every corner of our property, as they're being constantly used. With a bit of sawing, drilling, and caulking, the door was ready to go back up.
Hercules and Snickers were more than happy to come and go when they heard the rattle of food in their dish inside the garage and Nova, a gourmand in her own right, was more than willing to learn a new skill if it means she got to stuff her face. Everyone's happy, the garage is a safe, warm escape for the cats (and Jack's Mustang), and we've crossed another goal off our 2018 list!

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