The Elikers

It all started with the Elikers!  Shortly after being wed, Jack and Rachael moved to Iowa after Rachael finished her degree in Animal Science, minoring in Biology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Jack finished his bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering in December 2012.  He's taken the family on several internships with companies like Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, IA and SpaceX in McGregor, TX.  The Elikers now currently reside near Indianapolis where Jack is employed with Rolls Royce.

Jack is outnumbered by girls--Evelyn, Claire and Katherine keep life happy and entertaining.  They are all budding artists, have a soft spot for animals, love being outdoors and enjoy a sugary piece of dessert.  The get along most of the time and enjoy doing just about everything together.

The Elikers love to work together on home improvements or outdoor projects for the animals or garden.  They find plenty of enjoyment in hard work and rarely let their visiting family and friends slow down their pace, including them in the home improvements (so if you visit,  you've been warned!).

Many more adventures are sure to ensue as the Elikers continue to "rehomestead!"


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