Keystone Special

Keystone Special (most often simply known as "Stoney) is a 16 year old paint/pinto gelding that I've had since fourteen.  He's really the reason we searched for a place large enough to keep horses--it's a wonderful feeling to look out the window and see him grazing a few feet away.

In our youth, we competed successfully in dressage, jumping and eventing.  He aged into a wonderfully calm boy that does great with little kids.  To date, he's toted hundreds of children on his back for everything from formal lessons to joy rides.  I still like to ride when I get the chance too, though he doesn't always love the challenges I give him.  He prefers small, inexperienced riders that don't ask too much.

When he's not being ridden, he loves to just eat, roll in the dirt and nap.  He'll eat just about anything put in front of him.  I could barely ask for a blessing greater than having my children grow up with him so close by.


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