29 April 2012

Fresh Lettuce

A mixed bowl of lettuce: romaine and iceberg.
I cringe whenever I see the bagged lettuce prices and always opt to get the cheaper heads of lettuce right next to the pre-washed, pre-bagged stuff.  The challenge then is keeping the lettuce from wilting and getting soggy before we can eat it.

After trial and error, I've had the most success chopping the lettuce, rinsing it really well in a strainer and letting it drip dry.  After about an hour of air drying, I fold several paper towels in half and place them on one side of a Ziplock bag.  Place the lettuce inside and squeeze as much air out as possible before sealing shut.  Keep in the fridge, replacing the paper towels every few days or when they become damp.  For a fraction of the cost of salad mixtures, we have fresh lettuce for several weeks.


  1. I keep lettuce fresh for a long time by washing each leaves, shaking them to remove excess water then laying them on a clean kitchen towel to air dry for about an hour. Once dry, I put them in ziplock bags ( whole, uncut) , remove as much air as possible and store in fridge. It stays fresh for more than one week. The one I have on the fridge is still good after 12 days.



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